Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to Le Guess Who Blog! and Le Guess Who? presents Dirty Projectors

Welcome to Le Guess Who? Blog. On this blog we will update you with all news regarding Le Guess Who? Festival which this year will take place from 24 November till 28 November in the city of Utrecht. Via this blog we will update you on interesting articles about artists, festivals and projects we love.

Also we are always open to suggestions of artists you would like to see perform at Le Guess Who?

Le Guess Who? will present a show with the critically acclaimed Dirty Projectors @ Tivoli Oudegracht on June 30
this will be the only clubshow in the Netherlands and Belgium besides one gig at Rock Werchter Festival

Tickets can be bought here:

More updates soon, but for now you can find videos of the 2009 edition here:

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