Monday, July 19, 2010

Le Guess Who? blogs: Haunted by Sharon van Etten

It must have been April, just after SXSW, when I was drinking coffee with Johan. Just some regular music talk until Johan's voice changed when one specific show popped in to his mind. "Sharon van Etten" he said. "I was laying on a lawn, not paying attention to the music at all, when a certain voice caught my attention."

I was sure I had heard that name before, but could not link it with a song.

A few hours later at home on Facebook I came across the profile of a good friend of mine. There she was again, in the left corner of his friends list, "Sharon van Etten". I clicked her name and surprisingly there were more similar friends. It suddenly became clear. She had been supporting and playing along with (Utrecht loving friends) the Great lake swimmers on their latest European tour. Pleasantly astonished by this coincidence I went to her myspace...and that is where it hit me. It was called "Love more", a new song recorded with the help of an organization called Weathervane (check them out to). I'm not going to describe what I heard. What I would like to suggest though, is to put on your headphones, close your eyes and listen to this.

Now before you continue could play it once more ofcourse...

Well, to round this up. Sharon has been haunting me ever since. A few days later while listening to “Thirteen” and “Sylvia” by the Antlers her voice popped up again. Not much longer I put on Sunshine city by Forest fire. By then I developed a sense for her voice, which made me realized it was her again. How much can one person create! Finally Megafaun had been booked for Ekko somewhere late august. Because of that I was watching some Blogotheque footage on vimeo...guess who joined them during that session...pfff

p.s. Sharon's new album (featuring 'Love more') will be out on October 5th and the song has already been covered by the National and Bon Iver. Stop it!

Megafaun will be playing Ekko, Utrecht on August 28
Forest fire will be playing dB's, Utrecht on September 16

and of course

Sharon will be playin' LE GUESS WHO? 2010!

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