Monday, July 26, 2010

New Les Savy Fav Song

A new week, time for some fresh tunes. To start with, a brand new Les Savy Fav-track: "Let's Get Out of Here", from the forthcoming album Root for Ruin, which will be out in September (but leaked on internet over the weekend).

You can hear the song on Pitchfork or download it in exchange for your email address.

In response to the leak, Les Savy Fav have set up a PayPal where downloaders of the leak can pay what they want to alleviate the guilt of stealing their music. Note from the band: "OK, so you got our leaked record. At least now you know how awesome it is. We're sure you really just are desperate for a way to pay us for the thing. Pay extra and you're also forgiven for sex sins and stuff AND we'll tell Jesus to send you cookies."

You know what to do...


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