Monday, October 11, 2010

DJ Quasimodo at Le Guess Who?

DJ Quasimodo dj'ing at Klub Radar: Tivoli's two-monthly Klub-night with a diverse line-up of fresh and new acts. Klub Radar will be hosting Le Guess Who? in Tivoli Oudegracht on Saturday 27 Nov - with Sleigh Bells, Small Black, Field Music, Esben And The Witch, Subtitle and Idiot Glee. Photo by Maarten Mooijman (

DJ Quasimodo is known to the authorities as Joep Smeets and as promoter for 013 in Tilburg, and used to be the promoter for EKKO until 2007. So we already know that he has an exquisite taste and a good sense for everything hip. In his dj sets he underlines this notion. Styles and boundaries have never mattered much for him, good, danceable tunes do matter a lot to him. His sets at Le Guess Who? will be chock full of them.

Friday 26 Nov, Tivoli Oudegracht: between bands

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