Monday, October 25, 2010

RIP Walkman: goodbye after 30 years

Sony is retiring the Walkman. It chewed up cassettes and offered poor sound quality, but the Walkman was once the height of music technology. Read the whole story at

Le Guess Who? loves the cassette tape
In collaboration with PAUME (Platform voor Avant-garde en Urbane Media Exploraties), we invited The Tapeworm to curate a programme presenting all aspects of the cassette label’s roster and vision. The Tapeworm gladly accepted the invitation and presents its selection on the closing night of Le Guess Who?.

We also gladly present Brian Shimkovitz (a.k.a. Awesome Tapes From Africa), who will be doing a DJ-set, without LPs, CDs or iPod, but with a suitcase full of amazing cassettes. Shimkovitz is the owner of a huge collection of cassettes from Africa, that he all bought at local markets. He digitalises one every week and puts it online on his amazing blog Awesome Tapes From Africa.

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