Thursday, October 14, 2010

Women-guitarist/vocalist Chris Reimer talks about Yuri Landman

In an interview with The New Music, Women guitarist/vocalist Chris Reimer talks about the instrument Yuri Landman has built for the Canadian noise/psychedelic/art rockers:

"It’s really cool! Even better than I expected when he was describing it. It has two sets of four strings, each with its own individual pickup, and its own floating bridge that creates a different note on either side. It will definitely be making its way into the live show because I am sure we would find a way to destroy a cello if it came on tour. I am positive it will be used on records in the future. That Yuri character is a genius."

Like last year Yuri Landman will teach visitors how to build their own instrument at Le Guess Who?. This time round two of his designs will be subject to his classes; one workshop regards the electric Kalimba (Fri 26 Nov), the other one concerns the Home Swinger (Sat 27 Nov). Signing up is required.

Women will be playing at Le Guess Who? on Sunday 28 November. At the festival, the band will receive another version of their instrument from Yuri Landman.

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