Saturday, November 20, 2010

@LEGUESSWHO tips by Carlos van Hijfte (see/hear) - SWANS, Broken Social Scene, FM Belfast

We have asked our favorite promoters, festivals and bands to tip their three recommendations from this year's Le Guess Who? festival line-up. This edition: Carlos van Hijfte from see/hear management (Sonic Youth, Shellac, Cat Power a.o.).

SWANS (Wed 24 Nov)
In 86 I booked a Swans tour which didn’t run very smoothly, everywhere PA systems had to be doubled or even better tripled, every evening Michael seemed to be unhappy, it was not enough.

When, during soundcheck in Tivoli, Al Kizys played two notes on his bass all the venue’s sound limitatition divices went into the red. His bass stack on stage was as big as a PA in a midsize club. Tivoli and its neighbours could not cope with this.

De Vrije Vloer was build in a parking garage and didn’t have issues with neighbours and was not booked for that night. Kabel had a truck available, some strong, helpful volunteers helped moving all the gear a couple of streets. Swans could play Utrecht. Within the first 15 minutes of their gig the fuses of the Vloer’s electricety system blew up twice, end of story. Is Le Guess Who the first opportunity for a revenge ?

Broken Social Scene (Thu 25 Nov)
I have seen BSS a couple of years ago in Rotown, a girl on violin, men with beards, great voices, hippie trippie music, long extended songs, the commune vibe CCC and Fairport also had and which already intrigued me back in the days, unattainable, living on a farm with your friends iso living on a farm with your parents like I did. I was invited to Rotwown by BSS agent Nadine, who runs a real cool bookings agency from Berlin, lots of enthusiasm, a great ear for exciting music and she knows where to find the best stages. Like the people behind Le Guess Who

FM Belfast (Fri 26 Nov)
Late last year my Icelandic friend Grimur asked me if I could help getting FM Belfast on Eurosonic, Robert was easily convinced, so last januari they played in Shadrak in the Peperstraat, a shady bar with an unpleasant vibe, it was pretty crowded for an unknown band, ten musicians on a small stage, chaos, electro, techno, retro, theatre, many voices, very contagious, a room full with jumping, dancing people. Grimus was the major of a small Icelandic village but as far I know he gave this up to be fulltime manager for FM Belfast.

Tomorrow: Le Guess Who? tips by Dutch journalist Norbert Pek (Nieuwe Revu).

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