Friday, November 12, 2010

@LEGUESSWHO tips by @NickHelderman - SWANS, Nikoo, Scientist

We have asked our favorite promoters, festivals and bands to tip their three recommendations from this year's Le Guess Who? festival line-up. This edition: Dutch photographer Nick Helderman. You might remember HEALTH tipping their favorite Le Guess Who? acts earlier this week; the amazing HEALTH photo that accompanied this blog post was taken by Nick Helderman in 2008.

Swans (Wed 24 Nov)
During Swans' show at Pop Montreal I was watching Deerhoof in another venue and didn't feel like going out in the cold to stand in line for them. It's something I regret very much. Everybody who was at that show told me it was the best thing they ever saw. I have no idea why I chose Deerhoof (who are one of the best bands live, don't get me wrong) above Swans, the legends, the godfathers of noise as I love it so much? They are my absolute highlight for this year's Le Guess Who? Festival.

NIKOO (Thu 25 Nov)
"NIKOO first met in a small studio in the Seattle of the Netherlands. NIKOO is a group around Joep van Son (The Very Sexuals, The Sugarettes). NIKOO is vox, guitar, bass, kit, keys & noise." I have never seen Nikoo live, have no idea where Seattle of The Netherlands is on the map and I had never heard of Joep van Son before. But the one EP ( that they released is amazing, even before they played their first show Pitchfork already picked them up ( so expectations are pretty high. Can't wait to see them.

Scientist (Sat 27 Nov)
I wasn't a big dub fan until a couple of months ago so I honestly can't say too much about this other that he's one of the greatest dub artists ever and I'm really looking forward to space out on this show. You'll find me in the back of the room though. Won't pretend like it's my party...

Later today: tips by Dutch DJ Nuno Dos Santos.

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