Wednesday, November 17, 2010

@LEGUESSWHO tips by Yuri Landman - Marnie Stern, Black Dice, Cave

We have asked our favorite promoters, festivals and bands to tip their three recommendations from this year's Le Guess Who? festival line-up. This edition: Yuri Landman, designer of musical instruments, who will be hosting two workshops at this year's Le Guess Who? festival (Workshop Home Swinger and Workshop Kalimba) to show visitors his skills and teach them how to build their own instrument.

My must see LGW-top 3 is:

Marnie Stern (Sun 28 Nov)
One of the most challenging new guitar talents from NYC.

Black Dice (Fri 26 Nov)
First time since Drums not Dead I hear a complete new type of music.

Cave (Sun 28 Nov)
I prefer loud and uptempo and this is meeting those criteria.

Tomorrow: Le Guess Who? tips by Niels Aalberts (Eerste Hulp bij Plaatopnamen)

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