Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Videos from Congotronics vs Rockers rehearsals

On June 30th, Le Guess Who? presents Congotronics vs. Rockers in Tivoli, Utrecht feat. Konono N°1, Deerhoof, Juana Molina, Kasai Allstars, Wildbirds & Peacedrums and Skeletons. A hybrid mix of various Western musicians toying around with the music from "tradi-moderne" Congolese bands. Tickets are available via Tivoli and Ticketservice for foreign visitors.

Watch the first filmed impressions by Pierre Laffargue and his team, who are making a documentary on the Congotronics vs. Rockers project.

Tandjolo (Kasai Allstars collaborator) and Matt from Skeletons:

Greg Saunier (Deerhoof) and Mopero (Kasai Allstars):

Juana Molina shows Tandjolo (Kasai Allstars) the 7/8 dance:

image : Jean-Paul Vallorani, sound : Jean-Luc Audy

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