Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Album release: Nurses - 'Dracula'

Today marks the release of Nurses' new album 'Dracula'! Be sure not to miss out the follow-up of their homemade debut 'Apple's Acre' from 2009. Dracula is steeped in the strange pop brew that bore Apple's Acre, with the band's unmistakable elastic melodies, heady pop hooks and unconventional knack for catchy songwriting that gets under your skin. Compared to Apples Acre, Dracula is bursting. It's bolder, heavier, with deep grooves, dubby basslines and a focus on rhythm. It's an album with pure physical qualities. Apple's Acre was an album made for headphones; Dracula needs a sound system. What has not changed is the undeniable constant in Nurses' body of work: their immediate and catchy pop songs. The band embraces hooks and melodies--yes, they turn them upside down and inside out--but at their core, the band (and Dracula) are defined by pop songwriting.

Stream the album here and watch their new radiant video below.

Nurses will be performing at Le Guess Who? 2011 on Thursday November 24th.
Passepartout and day tickets are available via http://www.leguesswho.nl/

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