Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 2: Seeljocht

"Seeljocht" (Frisian for sea light) is a collective of like minded musicians and artists from Northern parts of Europe and America, brought together as "artist in residence" project at the Into The Great Wide Open festival. During the festival, the collective focussed on their own interpretation and artistic translation of the island Vlieland, where the festival was held. This let to this soundtrack of the sound of nature, both supported and empowered by Vlielands imagery. Le Guess Who? and Popfabryk present Seeljocht, for the first outside of Vlieland!

Seeljocht is:
Peter Broderick
Nils Frahm
Greg Haines
Piiptsjilling (Mariska Baars, Romke Kleefstra, Rutger Zuydervelt, Jan Kleefstra)
Sytze Pruiksma
33 1/3 (Douwe Dijkstra, Coen Huisman, Jules van Hulst)

Seeljocht will be performing at Le Guess Who? 2011 on Sunday November 27th. Passepartout and day tickets are available via

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