Thursday, September 29, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 1: SUUNS

There must be a few artists in this year's Le Guess Who? line-up you've never heard about. So besides the latest news about the artists we share almost every day, we'd like to introduce to you the most beautiful audio/video material from all of our artists from now on!

"Suuns have no doubt ingested a lot of art rock, the Montreal group's minimalist rhythms are equally informed by Joy Division, Suicide and Can, often wrapped in a noisy squall of droning guitars and pulsing synths. Add to this Ben Shemie's breathy, paranoid sing/speak, and there are times that it seems like Suuns are about to drive over a sonic cliff. But there's actually a great sense of restraint at play. We were enveloped in Suuns' dark and thrilling post-punk from the first listen, never to return."
- Secretly Canadian

(c) Achablive

Suuns will be performing at Le Guess Who? 2011 on Saturday November 26th. Passepartout and day tickets are available via

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