Thursday, September 22, 2011

NEW: couchsurfing and bike rental at Le Guess Who? 2011

Are you planning to visit Le Guess Who? 2011, but not living in or near Utrecht? No problem! This year, we provide our visitors with two very special features.

First, there is a special page at our website where you can post a request for a couch/bed, or post a message if you have one or two couches or beds available. The purpose of this page is to bring question (CouchSurfers) and supply (hosting) together. It works very easy: you only need a Facebook account. This way, you and your host or guest can get to know each other and send each other messages. Check it out here and make sure to tell all your friends!

Another premiere for this year’s edition of Le Guess Who?: a special collaboration with bike rental “Laag Catharijne”, situated next to Central Station Utrecht. From Thursday November 24th till Sunday November 27th, Le Guess Who? visitors are able to rent a bike for the special price of €7,- a day, or €20,- for four days. On top of that, there is the unique possibility to return your bike between 12pm and 2am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and between 10pm and 12 pm on Sunday. No more blisters, sore feet or running late for your favorite band: hop on and move around like a real Dutchman! For more information, go to our info page at

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