Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesomeness: Resident Advisor / Le Guess Who?

Some very good news reached us yesterday! Resident Advisor - THE leading online electronic music magazine - made a toplist of festivals which will take place in the cold of November. Guess what: we've been selected en have been listed on #7. Now ain't that awesome!?

"Yeah, we know the words "November" and "festivals" don't sound like a heavenly match, but dig a little deeper (or reside in the southern hemisphere) and there's still plenty to explore and enjoy. We make stops in Chile, France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Holland, Australia and Germany in search of the month's premier festival experiences."

07. Le Guess Who?
November 24 - November 27
Various Venues
Utrecht, Netherlands

If you're keen to tie a Dutch excursion to a festival but find the prospect of the ADE programme daunting, then Utrecht's Le Guess Who? might be just the ticket. The fifth edition of event provides the simple proposition of a three day, multi-venue venture in the nation's fourth largest city, set against the historic canal-side backdrop of Utrecht's city centre. A selection of indoor venues—Tivoli Oudegracht, Tivoli de Helling, EKKO, dBs, ACU, RASA—will support a base of Canadian acts (the festival was set-up as a platform for artists from the country) alongside…well, a bit of everything, really. Animal Collective's Panda Bear, John Maus, Zola Jesus and Swedish duo Roll the Dice all perform, while more exclusively electronic-based fare comes from Zomby, Com Truise, Slugabed and Pursuit Grooves.

RA pick: After two standout recent full-lengths Roll the Dice should not be slept on.

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