Monday, October 10, 2011

Club 3voor12/Utrecht present: Hollandse Nieuwe at Le Guess Who? 2011

3VOOR12/Utrecht and Le Guess Who? present a special 'Hollandse Nieuwe' edition of Club 3VOOR12/Utrecht: a night full of the most promising acts from the Netherlands on Thursday November 24th in dB's.

Since 2009 'Hollandse Nieuwe' ('New Dutch') is not only used to refer to the first herring of the season that is suitable for consumption (go to:, but also for talented musicians from Dutch soil. No, we're not talking about Idols-like competitions, but of new bands that are really worth looking out for. Every month, a compilation is released with more than 20 new tracks, which you can stream on the 3voor12 Luisterpaal. On top of that, one act is being choosen as 'Hollandse Nieuwe of the month', getting even more attention in different news items.

Previous 'Hollandse Nieuwe' include Pien Feith, Lola Kite, I Am Oak and Nikoo. This years edition of Le Guess Who? will showcase five 'Hollandse Nieuwe', including two bands from Utrecht. Read more about them below and don't forget to check them out on November 25th at dB's, entrance free! Until then, you can listen to the 23th 'Hollandse Nieuwe' compilation,
or read more about the five acts here (Dutch only).

There's more than enough dull music in The Netherlands, according to Jorn Mathijssen and Julia Hendriks aka April from Utrecht. They rose up against the musical tradition and do so with driving gazy indie rock, stimulating lyrics, beautiful vocals and atmospheric productions. It all started in a (soon to be demolished) flat in Overvecht and now the duo will play at Le Guess Who? 2011.

Cosmo V or Cosmo the Fifth is the stage name of Cosmo Luhulima, a student from Utrecht. Her debut EP V is a typical homemade record. The album consists of four very exciting songs. From garage rock to dream pop with a strong voice. The lyrics have a distinctive melancholic character, which she herself blames on her outsider role as Moluccan in her hometown Leerdam. There are already applications for shows coming from Chile and Morocco, while she just started rehearsing with her freshly formed band. Luhulima will soon leave Utrecht for Berlin to record her debut album.

Julien Mier is a young composer and producer living in Hilversum. In his eclectic production he's not afraid of a clash of musical genres. He packs fragmented melodies into dreamy, melancholy stories. Think of a warped, fucked up Baths and Mount Kimbie with some Autechre and Board of Canada.

Thankful by Julien Mier

Two Amsterdam acts bonded in Light Light. The horny organ rockers zZz and the melancholic freak folk-rock of Sailors sound together like… well, like Light Light. Happy eighties pop music with a serious undertone. zZz singer Bjorn and Sailors singer Alexandra form a sort of Gainsbourg / Birkin beauty and the beast combo. That complemented by the great organ melodies of Daan and the guitar playing of Thijs creates something that can grow to get huge.

Rats On Rafts - four guys from Rotterdam - started playing in 2005, only six years later they are being called the new wave and post punk revelation of the Netherlands. Their vinyl single The Moneyman brought them a spot on the twelfth Hollandse Nieuwe compilation, a spot on the Popronde and a tour around England. Meanwhile, the debut album The Moon Is Big was released, which received unanimous praise for its nine razor sharp tracks, they were 3VOOR12 Hollandse Nieuwe of the Month in October, played live at 3FM and in De Wereld Draait Door.

For Dutch Le Guess Who: Go here to buy your Le Guess Who? tickets and read more information about accomodation and travel to/in Utrecht.

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