Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 20: Iceage

"It is energy, mad and not least the youth vigorous." - Ekstra Bladet

"New Brigade is one of the finest punk rock records of recent years" - Noel Gardner

"These four have located a punk-rock sweet spot: mixing the black atmosphere of goth, the wild-limbed whoosh of hardcore, and the clangor of post-punk." - Pitchfork

Just some random quotes about Iceage's first full length 'New Brigade'. During the last couple of months, Iceage has become one of the most passionately talked-about bands in the online music press. Playing at a total length of 26 minutes, New Brigade stretches the bounds of punk adding in goth and hardcore to the mix. "We figured out the songs over a period of two years and the album took three or four days to record. There is no theme or concept—it's just whatever we felt like doing. Every song is about something. Our lives, what surrounds us, feelings, states we've been in, thoughts. Subjects include lucidity, sex, brotherhood, time, visions. "

The Danish teenage musicians (only 19 years old) have known eachother since they were little. "We've always played music together to pass time but it wasn't until 2008 when the band and the songs came together." While brainstorming about bandnames, 'Iceage' came up: no extra meaning attached.

Iceage has had a pretty huge coverage in Denmark: "We don't really know how it happened, everything just went amok. We've been in every Danish newspaper and on the radio news with headlines such as "Teenage bullies full of anger and anxiety". It's all pretty weird."

Iceage is known for their frantic shows that leave bruises on your body for days. If you choose to dive into the moshpit, that is.. If not: just enjoy their energetic, crazy, impressive punk show!

Watch a live performance of 'You're Blessed' and listen to a - freshly leaked - bonustrack of New Brigade, named “IIIIIIII”

ICEAGE - IIIIIIII by bigloverecords

Iceage will be performing at Le Guess Who? on Sunday November 27th. Get your tickets at our website or buy them at our local suppliers.

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