Saturday, October 15, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 13: Still Corners

Singer Tessa Murray and producer Greg Hughes, a.k.a. Still Corners, met by chance at a train station in London. Now their debut album Creatures Of An Hour has been released. "We are becoming increasingly used to each other," says Murray.

The history of Still Corners is too unlikely to withhold. The story goes that the American songwriter Greg Hughes, came to London to pursue a career in music. On a dark, foggy night he took the train to London Bridge but missed his stop. On the next stop, just one other passenger left the train: Tessa Murray.

What began as a chance encounter, growed into a close cooperation, which resulted in a preliminary culmination with the release of their debut album Creatures Of An Hour. The production laid in the hands of Hughes while Murray played a reading role in the overall process. "The longer we work together, the better I become at predicting his wishes," says the British singer. "We are becoming more used to each other. Greg has become a lot more flexible. "

In an earlier interview, Hughes remarked not to prefer to give away too much about the music. "I do not like to completely decipher the songs," he said. "This comes at the expense of the mystery." Patience plays an important role in his approach. "I like to leave my work for two week and modify it further after that. By taking the time, the songs eventually get their proper shape. "

Like the music, the vocals are often Hughes', says Murray. "After that I translate it into something that works since Greg's vocals are not too good." Because Murray is usually the first to hear Hughes' ​​creations, she feels a lot of pressure. "It sometimes takes me a few listens to decide if I like something or not. Occasionally I'm not sure about a song when I start it, but after a few times listening I love it. "Hughes:" Or it's just crap. "

interview: Lucas van Eck, text: Tom Springveld)

Eager to find out more? Still Corners is perfoming at Le Guess Who? on Saturday November 26th. Get your tickets here.

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