Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 14: Forest Fire

Today marks the release of 'Staring At The X', Forest Fire's newest album. The perfect moment to introduce this band to you!

With their sophomore record, Forest Fire – songwriter/vocalist Mark Thresher, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Nathan Delffs, bassist/multi-instrumentalist Natalie Stormann, drummer Robert Pounding, and producer/keyboardist Adam Spittler – reject the ‘what’s next’ attitude plaguing so many of the NYC/Brooklyn scene, innovating at their own pace while maintaining a traditionalist’s focus on songwriting.

Forest Fire were originally discovered by tastemaking blogger Ryan Catbird after he randomly downloaded some of their music because he liked the bandname. He released their debut album, Survival, on his own label in 2008, which received some very positive reviews, comparing the sound to bands like Arcade Fire, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes. For their latest, self-recorded effort, Forest Fire renew the focus on instant-classic hooks and lyrics, but bring a new complexity to their sound. As Thresher explains, “This record is our attempt to be more of an ambitious songwriter/rock band, rather than a weird folk band.”

Some first quotes about 'Staring At The X'

Pitchfork - even more so than their promising debut, Staring at the X proves them to be a commendably ambitious band with the chops to carry out even their most far-flung ideas

Artrocker – Beautifully cool

Losing Today - Marks the creative astuteness and dare we say confident swagger of a band comfortable in their own skin…without doubt the coolest thing we’ve possibly heard all year

Drowned In Sound - It is as swirly and indebted to the darker shades of psychedelia as a band like Deerhunter, it has considerably more swagger

Rhythm Circus - a definite purchase

AU - a seductive 35 minutes... Brilliantly odd stuff

Forest Fire - The News (FatCat Single A-Side) by Fat Cat Records

Forest Fire - To Be Honest (FatCat Single B-Side) by Fat Cat Records

Forest Fire will be performing at Le Guess Who? on Sunday November 27th. To make sure you don't miss them, go here.

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