Sunday, October 23, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 16: Fool's Gold

Yesterday, Fool's Gold performed at Vera in Groningen, after playing a show at Effenaar in Eindhoven last thursday. Missed it? Don't worry: you'll have another chance to see them on Saturday November 26th during Le Guess Who?. Not convinced yet? Let us introduce them to you first.

Fool's Gold is a Los Angeles collective that weaves together Western pop aesthetics with African rhythms and melodiesLos Angeles based outfit. Fool's Gold are something of a unique entity among the current climate of tired clich├ęs regurgitating their parents record collections. Not least because rather than follow the traditional notion of merely being a band, their ethos is one where the term "collective" is perhaps more of an appropriate description of their make-up.

Although initially started four years ago by songwriters Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov, both of whom were (and in some cases still are) heavily involved in other projects at the time as an experimental sideline of sorts, the critical acclaim bestowed on their self-titled 2009 debut not to mention the sporadic, often mantra-like nature of their live shows.

Now, Fool's Gold is back with full length 'Leave No Trace' on which Fool's is more a band than just a collective: "It was literally a collective in L.A., first two years there was a certain core of people who would come to play with us, but we kind of never knew who it would be, it was an open door, a rotating door, there were some people that would come and play a couple of gigs fanned some other people would come for some other gigs, it was kind of always changing in a way, we never really played two shows in a row with the same line up. I mean even for a long time I feel like we’ve never toured."

Another obvious distinction in the new record is that it is sung predominately in English. This was an intuitive choice, much in the way the debut album leaned towards Hebrew. “Singing in Hebrew on the first record allowed me to find my voice; it helped me to come out of my shell and push myself into letting go, both as a performer and songwriter” says singer Luke Top. “As the words and themes for this record started to take shape, I knew I had to express them in English, my first language. Being that this is a far more personal and nuanced collection of songs, it was important to me that my ideas were expressed as clearly as possible, both to myself and to the listener.”

The end result is a much more sophmore, organic sound that makes you wanna jump on your feet and dance. Still not convinced yet? Watch Fool's Gold new video 'Wild Window' and enjoy seeing them record 'The Dive' below. Buy your tickets for Le Guess Who? here!

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