Thursday, October 20, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 15: Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a London based duo formed in 2009 by Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. Jeremy Warmsley is a singer/songwriter of considerable repute, with two critically acclaimed solo albums already to his name. Elizabeth Sankey is a well-respected journalist and writer, having cut her teeth on the NME and Platform among others. Together they make up Summer Camp. But how did they meet?

In its most simplified form, girl makes boy a mixtape, they cover one of the songs on it, post it on MySpace, and the web's tastemakers find it. Band lay low and remain anonymous while they figure out what to do and where to take the idea of Summer Camp, before the anonymity takes on a life of its own and they get 'outed' by a magazine. Since then, the Young EP has garnered near unanimous praise from all corners of the media.

This week, they recorded a session at Daytrotter. Listen to it and read about it here and don't forget to watch the enchanting video of "Better Off Without You” below, which pairs the British duo’s ’80s-vintage indie-pop with ’70s-vintage footage of youth going wild, all in nicely-executed split-screen.

Enjoy and watch out for the release of their first full length "Welcome to Condale" November 9th!

Summer Camp will be perfoming at Le Guess Who? on Saturday November 26th. Buy your tickets at our website.

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