Monday, October 24, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 18: Sleep ∞ Over

A week before the Le Guess Who? festival starts, on Friday November 18th, there will be a Le Guess Who? Festival Warm-up Party at EKKO with psychedelic lo-fi rockers Pure X and dreampop-trio Sleep ∞ Over. Le Guess Who? passepartout ticketholders get free entrance to this Warm-up Party - no passpartout ticket holders pay 5 euro entrance (ticket). Today, we introduce one half of our Warm-up party to you!

Back in late 2009, Sleep ∞ Over was a trio just starting to make sweetly melodic, fuzzy lo-fi pop. Austin-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Stefanie Franciotti, who used to front local band Silver Pines, had recruited Sarah Brown and Christa Palazzolo to accompany her in a new project: “I didn’t know them very well until we got the band together,” Franciotti explains. “The idea came about because I was playing with my friends – who are now in Pure X – in Silver Pines and they got busy, so I wanted to start a new band. I supplied all of the equipment and got everything rolling with it pretty quickly.”

Sleep ∞ Over’s first releases included 7“s on Light Lodge and Forest Family before Brown and Palazzolo separated from the band earlier this year to work on their own project, Boy Friend. It left Franciotti to record ‘Forever’, her upcoming debut LP on Hippos In Tanks, solo. “There was some hesitation about it, sure,” she says, but “I wanted to see the songs I had written [happen]. The whole experience was pretty soul-crushing at the time but we’re all over it now.”

Read what Pitchfork has to say about 'Forever': Ultimately, the album's song-oriented material is the most memorable. "Romantic Streams", "Casual Diamond", and highlight "Stickers" are peppered with space-age chimes and melting glissandos that feel grounded and organic. And despite all the machine noise, Franciotti's vocals feel approachable and human. Though her singing is sometimes unremarkable, at times sound like a slurry Hope Sandoval trapped in a bell jar (this is a compliment). At these moments, Forever's frozen lullabies provide mix immediate gratification with a hint of mystery.

Listen to a couple of songs from 'Forever' below and watch an interview with the girls taken at a show in Dallas. See you November 18th!

Latest tracks by Sleep ∞ Over

SLEEP ∞ OVER - Interview from WeDentonDoIt on Vimeo.

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