Monday, October 24, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 19: Braids

There is no better name for the Canadian quartet Braids. The band musically and personally embodies a braid: a complex structure formed by interlacing all four members' musical talents. Their partnership dates back to their youth on the playground, where they started to weave the friendship and collective input of ideas that still shines through in their tightly-knit music.

Their friendship is solid, but their music may be misunderstood. Although classified as experimental pop, BRAIDS do something much deeper, combining dense soundscapes and ambient melodies. The young (all under 21!) group, now residing in Montreal, released their first full-length album, Native Speaker, this year. Braids make chilling, meticulously crafted pop music. Layering angelic four-part vocal harmonies over swirling synths, twinkling pianos, tropical guitars and stuttering, sophisticated rhythms, their arrangements are lush and obsessively detailed.

'Sup magazine posted a very interesting interview with lead singer/guitarist Raphaelle and drummer Austin Tufts last thursday. Read a sneakpreview below, or the whole interview here.

How do you go about creating music as a group?
Everyone’s always taking part. It’s a very collaborative, very holistic process. It was very organic in the sense that we got comfortable around each other. When we first started, I was writing a lot of folk-pop songs, and so we were kind of doing the whole acoustic, folk thing. Then, as we got more comfortable, people felt more able to write and to share ideas. So now that we are extremely comfortable with each other (laughs) we all write very collectively.

Are you guys gearheads? It sounds like you spend a fair amount of time in the studio.
The thing is, we have a lot of ideas when we write and compose, and its really hard to be bound by the physical limitations of instruments, and one of the easiest ways to get around that is to find gear and find really creative ways of using gear to push those boundaries and be able to move beyond the limitations of just a guitar, or just a drum set, or just a vocal. So yeah, we look to gear a lot for that.

But so what as a band is more fulfilling to you? Writing the songs, recording them, or playing them live?
The whole process is different. You learn so much from each individual process. In terms of immediate pleasure, it would be live, playing live, writing live and rehearsing live.

Curious to see them perform live? Braids will play Le Guess Who? Thursday November 24th. For info and tickets: go to our website (both Dutch and foreign buyers) P.s. don't forget to watch their stunning live performance of Plath Heart...

Rock Ton Paintball avec Braids (Épisode 8) from Scène 1425 on Vimeo.

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