Friday, October 28, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 21: Holloys

"The holloys come from Lake Land,a parallel dimension to ours. When The holloys come into our three dimensional world they enter into various forms and functions. Some of their manifestations are audible within the songs you hear here. The holloys attract people places and things to translate its information through. A person, location or object may be a porthole for the holloy to enter, occupy or pass through , making the subject a temporary conduit for the holloy’s emergence. All most all occasions The holloys only pass through a subject that is “open” to the relationship. Therefore some people places or things will consciously welcome The holloys regularly, yet others will not. There has never been any reports of a long term negative affect due to this phenomenon. "

No matter whether you buy into the Holloys’ mythology as described here, the Los Angeles band’s chief mystic and bottle washer Jim Brown has been recalibrating sonic weights and measures for eight years now.

Holloys’ new album “Suns Lungs” (out since October 25th) encases Brown’s mind-baking, body-shaking dance-punk in tight polyrhythms and blasts of guitar and trumpet. Over 36 minutes, “Suns Lungs” possesses almost hypnotic qualities — if trances can induce convulsions, that is. Brown, whose rotating cast of collaborators in the past has included members At the Drive In, the Breeders and the Mars Volta, is now surrounded by Bryan Lee Brown, Derek Wood, Michael Elliott, Alvin DeGuzman and Andrea Newell, and Holloys are in top form on “#25.” Consider the opening verse: “I used to think that these numbers were just shapes made out of lines / I used to think that they were not alive / Till I met 25, yeah it’s in disguise, it’s number 52 / Yeah it talked to me, yeah it showed me and now it’s gonna show you.”

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Read a great review of Suns Lungs here. And check out a few songs of the new album alongside older songs below. Enjoy!

Holloys will be performing at Le Guess Who? 2011 at Friday November 25th. Buy your passe-partout, daytickets or location/concert tickets here.

Latest tracks by holloys

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