Monday, October 10, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 8: Stranded Horse

Actually it was quite unexpected that the French musician Yann Tambour in 2005 with his solo project, Thee Stranded Horse began. Up to that point, he was pretty succesful with his group Encre. Between 2000 and 2005, Encre undoubtedly was the most interesting avant-rock band from France, with a mix of post rock, samples and subtle poetic lyrics sung in French, and deliverd an impressive pair of albums on the label Clapping Music. One of the main reasons for Yann Tambour to begin a new solo project was his move from Paris to his native region Normandy. He was tired of Paris. Next to that, he had been playing Kora for a while, which he now uses as an accompanying instrument.

The music of Thee Stranded Horse is sober, intense and clearly rooted in old folk and blues, but also in the tradition of French chansons. With the release of his new CD "Tides humbling" (Talitres Records 2011) Yann Tambour changed the name Tea Stranded Horse in Stranded Horse and enriched his kora playing with arrangements for cello and violin.

Yesterday, Yann Tambour released the video for the song And the Shoreline Withdrew in Anger, where you can see his peculiar Kora playing. Enjoy!

Stranded Horse will be performing at Le Guess Who? at Friday November 25th. Buy your passe-partout or daytickets at

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