Monday, November 7, 2011

Fool's Gold interview in Heaven Magazine

Heaven is a Dutch magazine for the real musiclover. They're also giving a lot of attention to acts that will be performing at Le Guess Who?. Recently, they took an interview with Fool's Gold. Read a sneak peak below and buy the magazine to check out the rest!

"For us, Europe is great because here, world music at least does something," says Luke Top, the singer and bassist of Fool's Gold. "People are well informed. They not only know many groups from Africa, the Middle East and Asia, but they also know a thing or two about the different styles and cultural differences. Late a look in America! On the West Coast, world music is still something exotic, which takes place in a museum or a theater for an audience of older artlovers. "

Luke Top started Fool's Gold together with guitarist Lewis Pesacov. They are both Jewish and from Israel, but came to California at a young age. They started the group with the aim of mixing Congolese soukous and Ethiopian jazz with elements from the Middle East and Anglo-American pop music. Jam sessions led to appearances at barbecues and garden parties, and eventually to an professional operating orchestra and the self-titled debut in 2009. This year's successor Leave No Trace was released, which sounds a bit more structured, partly because of the reducing of the number of musicians in the band. Of the approximately ten to twelve musicians, about six are left.

Fool's Gold is characterized by melodic pop melodies and rhythms, which play an important role. "For us, rhythm is very important," says Summit. "We want to make dance music, without electronics. The music from the Congo, for example someone like Franco, is our greatest source of inspiration. But also Tinariwen from Mali. Fantastic music to move yours hips to. "

This is part of the interview that was published in September 2010 in Heaven.

Fool's Gold will perform at Le Guess Who on Saturday, November 26th, 19:30 at Tivoli Oudegracht.

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