Friday, November 4, 2011

Le Guess Who? 2011 artwork in the spotlight

Amazed by the beautiful artwork of this years Le Guess Who? Well, we are, big time. Every year, Le Guess Who? picks one designer, who is responsable for all the artwork for that edition: posters, flyers, festival guide, website, advertisements, merchandise.. you name it. In 2011, all artwork is designed by Kok Pistolet, a young but very talented duo. The designers that make up Kok Pistolet (Sasha van den Haak and Floris Schrama) decided to start their own design company back in October 2010, specializing in graphic design but also focussing on music, live performance, illustration and more. "We always approach a project from a basic idea," says Schrama, "looking at how far we can push and which direction it will take us."

Fontanel, the biggest online design magazine of The Netherlands, has written an article about Kok Pistolet. Read the English translation below and don't forget to check out more of their work on their website!

Old Dumbar
colleagues Sacha and Floris have been working for some time for themselves under the name Kok Pistolet. Their imaginative work covers the decoration of the cool Le Guess Who? Festival which takes place from November 24 to 28 in Utrecht.

Because the festival takes place mostly behind doors and windows, Kok has developed a concept in which light, warmth and wonder are central. Each expression has its own 'light'. At Le Guess Who? their distinctive style wil have Utrecht city in its grip, when various locations are being decorated and highlighted.

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