Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Le Guess Who? introduces part 24: The Devil's Blood

Enjoyed Halloween this mondaynight? Sad it's over? Then we have the perfect band for you to relive your scariest moments: The Devil's Blood.

FaceCulture conducted an interview with guitarist SL. You can now watch the chat below. This mini-documentary about SL was shot at his home in Eindhoven and Speedfest, which was held in the same city. Lemouchi talks about taking control over his own life, struggling with drugs, alcohol and depression, writing music and painting, ratio versus instinct, blood sacrifices and death amongst others.

What can you expect musically?

"Without saying too much, or saying nothing at all, you can expect a frenzy of rock n roll flavoured hard rock that speak of times decades past, no modernisms, no trends, no high end sounds. Just Vintage rock music in the vein of Roky Erickson, Black Widow, Coven, Black Sabbath and a rich plethora of sixties and seventies underground psychedelic rock bands too numerous to mention. Although The Devil’s Blood are inspired and fueled by their love for these bands they are not a tribute band in any way or form. Instead we offer new, original, fresh material to strengthen our live rituals and appease our Master’s senses.So even though The Devil’s Blood play “old time music” they do it with the same creative and artistic drive as their inspirators.”

The Devil's Blood will be performing at Le Guess Who? at Sunday November 26th in DB's. Please note: you will have to RSVP if you are planning to visit the show by sending an e-mail to

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