Monday, November 7, 2011

Le Guess Who? tips by: Marion Gabai & Jean Sebastien Nicolet / Imperial Productions, Paris

Welcome to yet another 'Le Guess Who? tips by..' In short: we've asked our favorite promoters, festivals and bands to tip their five recommendations for this year's Le Guess Who? festival line-up. This edition: Marion Gabaï & Sebastien Nicolet of Imperial Productions, Paris.


John Maus is one of the best who' s achieve to put together a simple and insistent pop music with an electronic synth performing show. His songs are also full of humour and we can't stop smiling when he screams " pussy is not a matter of fact "!

Maybe the most ovni french band, quite impossible to describe: CHEVEU is a Lo-Fi punk music signed on the glorious french label BORN BAD don't miss their incredible show!

Like her sound design (created by BEAK and Geoff Barrow) somewhere between Silver Apples, PIL, Beach House and Phil Spector
Anika looks like a dark angel singing in english with a so strange Berlin accent some nice weird covers of Yoko Ono, The Kinks or Bob Dylan.

Bill Callahan is maybe the best songwriter from his beginning (Smog) to his solo career today. His music is out of trend and space, his charm always operating with anyone who meets his music for the first time. Huge Artist!

A perfect melt between abstract hip hop revival and dubstep. the duo S.B will surprise a lot of people everywhere. Intense and ludic show

For our full line-up, latest time shedule and tickets, go to our website: Next episode: tips by Robert Meijerink of Doornroosje, Eurosonic and The Affaire.

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