Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Guess Who? tips by: Stefan Reichmann of Haldern Pop

Long time no see! This afternoon: personal tips by Stefan Reichmann of Haldern Pop.

My Brightest Diamond
She is one of this wonderful musicians who thaught in pictures.colore

Josh collect everything whats pressed in vinyl mixed this in his head and after this you start to dance for country rap - thats crossover.

Other Lives
This band was born in a tree the voice comes from the off but sounds like a proud who takes care of you and some nervous but structured drums runs you to this real floating ocean ...

This show is a decision - no compromise and a wall of sound, its big it comes over you like "wave" and its driven by noisy guitars.

I like this atmosphare and this bubbeling scultures withe a strong core

Till next time!

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