Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swearing at Motorists: exclusive mixtape for Le Guess Who? 2011 & Kicking The Habit (2)

Back again! This time with Swearing At Motorists. When your greatest hits are called Flying Pizza and Inadvertent Christmas Song, you either play in a bad punk band, or you are one of the two members of the acclaimed Swearing At Motorists. This quizzical indie rock duo has steadily been making strong records since the early 90's along the lines of Guided by Voices, the more straightforward Pavement, some Ween and a drop of Crooked Fingers. Since 2006 it got a little silent around Dave Doughman and Joseph Siwinski, but this year they released single compilation Postcards From A Drinking Town and they'll be playing at Le Guess Who?! To be exact: Saturday November 26th at 19.30 in Tivoli De Helling.

Tracklisting "Songs I Couldn't Live Without"
1. Draag - Brainiac from Smack Bunny Baby
2. Bitters Past - Haynes Boys from Guardian Angel
3. Livin' Was Easy - The Glands from The Glands
4. Biology Tricks - Centro-Matic from Love You Just The Same
5. Don't Mess With Tennessee - The Carter Administration from God & Country
6. White Ride - The Oranges Band from The World And Everything In It
7. I've Made Enough Friends - The Wrens from Secaucus
8. Towner - Spoon from Telephono
9. Me and My 424 - John Vanderslice from Life and Death of an American Fourtracker
10. Indio - Me and the Horse I Rode In On from Home and Other Places I'd Like to Visit
11. Pat's Trick - Helium from The Dirt Of Luck
12. You've Got A Lot - United States Three from Le Temps Du Tempo
13. End Of The Bar - V-3 from Photograph Burns
14. Friend Of Mine - Picastro from Whore Luck
15. Miss My Lion - Scout Niblett from Sweet Heart Fever
16. Being In Love - Songs: Ohia from The Lioness
17. Calling Over Time - Edith Frost from Calling Over Time
18. Why They Don't - Freschard from Click Click
19. June 18, 1976 - Pedro the Lion
20. Westfall - Okkervil River from Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See

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