Thursday, December 1, 2011

Le Mini Who? 2011 - Photo's and more!

On Saturday November 26th, Le Guess Who? and label Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck organized "Le Mini Who?", which was held in collaboration with several shops and bars in and around the Voorstraat (Utrecht, Holland). There were new, but also established stores in Utrecht like Plato, The Village Coffee & Music, Puha, VinVin, Klijs & Boon, Café 't Hart, Café de Voortuin and Sussies who participated the first edition of this free accessible festival. A record store, a secondhand clothing store, a Dutch fashion designer store, a coffee hang-out and so on. All stores with character, mostly thanks to the owners, the products their selling and of course their audience.

With Le Mini Who?, we brought many people together by letting national and international bands play instores at these particularly spots. We presented around ten bands, five who were also playing at Le Guess Who? and five who were not, to a lovely audience which was walking down the Voorstraat to check up on Le Mini Who?.

To give you an insight on Le Mini Who?, check out the photos below! Also, read more about Le Mini Who? at 3voor12/Utrecht here and here. See you next year?

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